'Why Ann made.' is a fashion, jewelry & music project run by Yoona Kim.


After graduation with a degree in fashion design from Kookmin University in Seoul, she moved to Germany and Italy, where she has deepened the knowledge and skills as a designer. She spent a decade in Europe working for various fashion brands specialized in sportswear including yoga and fitness, as well as in streetwear and graphic design. Then she moved to Shanghai, where she dedicated the entire year on establishing the concept and basic ideas of 'Why Ann made.' Now her lab is located back in Seoul, on the North side of Han River.

It might be all about divinity

Why Ann made's jelwelry & accessory line started as a 'handmade to order' project, which is a fruit of unique approachs and countless experiments accomplished through master craftsmanship.

SEWN is a clothing line that will be soon available. 

Mainly focused on t-shirts and tops, S.E.W.N's uniqueness adds different

dimensions with warmth of hand-finished touch.

To be continued...

And as the beginning of your practice was in the West,

And in the North the perfect mean of profound alteration,

So in the East after them is the beginning of speculation,

But of this course the Sun makes consummation up in the South,

There the elements are turned into fire by circulation,

Then to win your desire you need not be in doubt,

For the wheel of our philosophy you have turned about.


- Geroge Ripley, 'Twelve Gates'


Why Ann made.

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